Venable - "Where's The Happy"

Our good friend, Venable (Elizabeth Venable) has a new album out now. Jody played on and produced two songs: Mommy and Brother.

Venable would like you to have the entire "Where's The Happy" recording at no charge. It's her gift to you. Visit the supermegacorporation website here to download a ZIP file which contains the entire record in MP3 format, as well as CD artwork (by Venable) for printing. Share and enjoy!

Travelogue of the Locusts

It's coming, thanks to RACC for their kind support.

Travelogue of the Locusts - Symphony #1

by Mary Wright and Jody Hughes
Performance: August 1, 2009
at Gallery Homeland
2505 SE 11th Ave.
2 shows: 7pm and 9pm
$5 -$10, free admission for kids
Portland, OR 97204
Featuring the New Portland Chamber Orchestra

Mary Wright and Jody Hughes

Mary Wright and Jody Hughes are writing a piece for orchestra. See more here:

Miss Snail Pail

We are extremely happy to have 2 of our songs used in the documentary "On the Trail with Miss Snail Pail"

Taking a Break

We are taking a break for a while and pursuing a few other things.
Jason is opening an restaurant called the Liberty Glass, with his sister.
Jon is going off to grad school.
Rebecca is working really long hours on the stop-motion movie Coraline. She's doing animatable hair, props and miniature food.
Jody and Daniel will be mixing and doing overdubs.

Into the Basement

We went into Jason’s basement studio March 6, 7, 9, 11, to record Walrus, Stardust, Echoes, Hangman, Harbor at Valparaiso, Alpha60, and the Title.
We just posted some pictures in our photo section here on our myspace page: Recording Session
We were mostly concentrating on drums, most of the other instruments will be recorded at my home studio next week.
We recorded the drums to Alpha60 both forwards and backwards. Let’s see how that turns out. We decided at the last minute to record Jason’s new song, tentatively called ’The title’

Into the Studio

We’re in the studio, out of the nightclubs.
We’re working on:
"Your Skeleton" - got shorter, better, moodier
"And Tomorrow" - New song, total hippie shit (in a good way)
"In A Forest" - hasn’t really changed that much, got a little weirder.
Adding: piano, viola, clarinet, flute - looking for a horn player, french, maybe.
Been thinking about the thin line between ’trendy’ and ’socially relevant’
We’re aiming for timeless, but it’s hard.
Couldn’t sleep the other night, woke up 4am, The Wicker Man was on - it really blew me away. Look for its influence in our new songs.

New Drummer - Jon Bonser

We got a new drummer - Jon Bonser. Great name for a drummer, right? I first saw Jon's art (fine art furniture (yes, really cool)) at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland.

Drummer/Trumpeteer Megan, The Autotopia Five

So, we've got the Velvet Underground and Nico lineup I've always dreamed of. Female vocalist, Female drummer, two guitars, bass. There's even a viola on "Your Skeleton"
We've got some shows coming up.
New pictures.
Album in the works.

November 12, 2007

Looking for a drummer, Recording a real album

You may have been wondering, what's up with Autotopia? Why so quiet lately?
We are in the process of auditioning drummers. Met some really good people, but none that can pass the rigorous physical and mental tests involved with our auditioning process.
We are also recording (non-drum) songs right now. "The Harbor at Valparaiso" "And Tomorrow" and "The Title" are three of our new songs.