"Cut of the Day" Willamette Weekly February 2, 2007
Autotopia, “Your Skeleton,” Self-Titled Demo (Self-Released)
by: Anika Sabin
Autotopia hasn’t been in Portland long but I think they’ll fit in just fine. Their music, ranging from somber atmospheric folk to dark n sassy electronica, may not carry the Portland swagger, but tides seem to be a-changin’. As recently as yesterday they broke into the world of classifieds, in the market for a female vocalist, namedropping a hopeful likeness to Nico and Ladytron. Yeah, their ambition definitely just won me over. I get the chills just thinking about the wondrously overwhelming potential. On the other hand, it makes me nervous to think of all the ways in which two of my favorite artists could be cheapened or violated. Based on Autotopia’s previous collaborations, though, I think Nico and the hot-beat Brits are in good hands. “Your Skeleton” catches Autotopia at a densely eerie and reflective moment. The song delicately revolves, evoking atmospheric comfort, baroque heartache, and glossy ethereal vocals that faintly recall Cat Stevens dueted with the lushly soft but never quiet Rebecca Stillman. Jody Hughes, in a September blog, retains that the song (written by Jason McCormick) is more a personal statement , but is also literally about “the transition of the antebellum south into the 20th century.” Again, chills. I look forward to seeing that feverish ambition unravel in their new P-town playground.