Mushrooms, Pizza, Video Games

So, we have some shows coming up. The Red Room, Mississippi Pizza, a house party (email us if you want more information), and Ground Kontrol. We also went from a four piece to a five piece and back to a four piece. Nothing is constant except change right? I hate to sound like a commercial, but I'm really obsessed with this album Gather in the Mushrooms (see below) I can't stop listening to it. Other things I've been playing over and over, according to my itunes (my top 15 most played) Andy Roberts - Queen Of The Moonlight World katerine - la memoire courte Air - Mayfair Song Trader Horne - Morning Way Al Jones - All My Friends Are Back Again Arthur Lyman - Yellow Bird Beach Boys - Barnyard Beach Boys - Heroes And Villains Beatles - Long, Long, Long Krzysztof Komeda - Rosemary's Baby Lullaby David Bowie - Speed Of Life Charlotte Gainsbourg - the song that we sing Forest - Graveyard Golden Arm Trio - Poor Brother Percival Heart - Sylvan Song Oh, those Beach Boys songs are from the brilliant, wonderfully-flawed, bootleg version of Smile. Jody Hughes