Nostalgia for the Eastern Bloc

Check out the new song posted on our profile. It's called "Nostalgia for the Eastern Bloc" and it was written by yours truly. The lyrics for the song came to me after listening to a program on NPR about Eastern European immigrants in the U.S. who missed the economic safety of communism. The characters in the song range from a doctor turned janitor to a carpenter turned American Success Story to an aggrieved grandmother who pronounces "selectively" as "selectfully."

The chord progression feels very "Sister Ray" to me, but I've also heard it's Pixies-ish. I was attempting to write the poppiest song I could think of (probably why most of the song's parts resolve with an E power chord) and I hope I at least partially succeeded. Tons of credit goes to Jody and Jason for arranging and adding amazing parts, and to Rebecca for fitting lines like "Kids call him Ivan and Boris" and "Ask about Vodka 80 proof" into a relatively small meter.

Look for the sequel to the song, entitled "Nostalgia for the Eastern Rock," an epic, three part song detailing the rise and fall of Russian metal superstars, Aria.
They were Generator Zla indeed..

February 21, 2007