Into the Basement

We went into Jason’s basement studio March 6, 7, 9, 11, to record Walrus, Stardust, Echoes, Hangman, Harbor at Valparaiso, Alpha60, and the Title.
We just posted some pictures in our photo section here on our myspace page: Recording Session
We were mostly concentrating on drums, most of the other instruments will be recorded at my home studio next week.
We recorded the drums to Alpha60 both forwards and backwards. Let’s see how that turns out. We decided at the last minute to record Jason’s new song, tentatively called ’The title’
We used about 6 mics on the drums, into a mixer, and then out to a presonus firebox that we borrowed from Jason’s housemate Kelly. We could only get four inputs working though, so we brought in a second laptop with an Mbox for a total of 6 drum tracks - let's see.