Mississippi Pizza w/ Per Se

So, we bought a band printer. $100, craigslist, prints up to 13x19. Now we can make and print our own flyers and posters. How diy is that?

Thursday June 21st
3552 N. Mississippi ave
Portland, OR

Mushrooms, Pizza, Video Games

So, we have some shows coming up. The Red Room, Mississippi Pizza, a house party (email us if you want more information), and Ground Kontrol. We also went from a four piece to a five piece and back to a four piece. Nothing is constant except change right? I hate to sound like a commercial, but I'm really obsessed with this album Gather in the Mushrooms (see below) I can't stop listening to it.

Nostalgia for the Eastern Bloc

Check out the new song posted on our profile. It's called "Nostalgia for the Eastern Bloc" and it was written by yours truly. The lyrics for the song came to me after listening to a program on NPR about Eastern European immigrants in the U.S. who missed the economic safety of communism. The characters in the song range from a doctor turned janitor to a carpenter turned American Success Story to an aggrieved grandmother who pronounces "selectively" as "selectfully."

Press, mixing demo

The wise folks over at Willamette Weekly picked our track "Your Skeleton" as the Cut of the Day: http://localcut.wweek.com/?p=1219
So nice.
We are now actively looking for places to play. I've always wanted to play in a racquetball court.

All new mixes of all our songs. These are just demos, keep in mind. Hangman makes it's premier. I did do some guitarmonies in the chorus.



I know what you're thinking, where's the single? The big sellout? The song that will be in some car commercial? Well, have no fear: Walrus, is our new song. I'm really happy with the way this is turning out. Jason's guitar is really great here, both abrasive and melodic.

You know, I'm joking about the whole 'single'/'sellout' thing. We just wrote this song as we would write any other song. We do not try to make songs that would sell, or be played on the radio. We make songs that we'd like to listen to.

Dodo (now Stardust)

So here's the song that will get us kicked out of the folk category - "Dodo". I was listening to Love and Rockets' remake of "Ball of Confusion" and noticed that the guitarist plays only one chord throughout the song. I had heard the song plenty of times before and never noticed. So I tried to write a song with only one chord. I quickly realized this was a stupid idea, so I put some changes in.

Oh, also there is no guitar, just two basses.
I'm still not sure of the name, it may change.

Your Skeleton

Another new song - Your Skeleton written and sung by Jason with Rebecca singing in the background. Viola by Caroline.


We put up another song last night - Echoes, which we wrote with Pink Floyd.

Everything here is new

This website went up on May 17, 2006. We are currently recording our demo, we're thinking about calling it, "What We Were" sound samples are here.